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Defined Terms

“Client” or “you” or “your” or “their” means the individual visiting this Website

“We” or “our” or “us” refers to SCI Migration and Visa Services, our employees and staff

“Service” includes all the products, packages and advice we provide to you after entering into a fee agreement.

“Terms” mean these terms and conditions.

“Website” refers to www.sci-migration.com.au and all pages within.


Please review our Privacy Policy, which details how we may use the Information you provide to us.


The content on our Website is the property of SCI Migration and Visa Services and is protected by relevant copyright legislation.  Unauthorised copying, transmitting or storage of any part of our Website (other than page caching) is prohibited and may result in legal action.

Limitation of our Liability

SCI Migration cannot be held responsible for any consequential damages you incur as a result of using our Website.  On browsing our Website, you agree that the use of our Website is at your sole discretion and risk. We will not held responsible for any damages arousing out of use of this Website, directly or indirectly.

We do not provide immigration advice on this website.


When you send us information, either via email, postal or via telephone conversation, you acknowledge that the Information you provide is legally correct and does not infringe any legal notices. Further details on specific communications terms and conditions will be outlined in our Service Agreement if you enter into an agreement with us. In accordance with OMARA requirements, we will offer and enter into a Service Agreement if you decide to engage our migration services.

When you provide us with your contact details, we will not disclose it to any other third party (as detailed in our Privacy Policy), but you consent to us sending you marketing material or communicating with you in relation to the Services we provide. You can choose to opt-out of this communications system by contacting our office staff.

Use of our Online Services is also governed by this Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

Information you provide

SCI Migration relies on information provided by the Client to offer and deliver Services to the Client. The Client acknowledges that they will not provide any fraudulent information and understands we may not independently verify the information the Client provides. If the Client provides inaccurate or fraudulent information , they may be prosecuted under the respective law and the Services we provide to them may not be accurate.